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The Whole Foods Co-op travels around Duluth until finding its home in the Hillside

Whole Foods Co-op
Whole Foods Co-op Timeline
Chester Creek House
1970: Whole Foods Co-op originated out of Chester Creek House on 13th Avenue E. and Second Street. The Co-op was located there for three years.
Boreal Bicycle Works
1973: Whole foods merges with the Community Food Buying Club and moves to a new location at Seventh Avenue E. and Eighth Street. The Boreal Bicycle Works is currently located here.
Burrito Union
1993: Co-op moves to new location at 13th Avenue E. and Fourth Street. The Co-op had about 25 employees at this time. Burrito Union is the current location, and has been for the past five years.
Whole Foods Co-op store front
2005: Co-op moves to its current location at Sixth Avenue E. and Fourth Street.
40th anniversary
2010: Whole Foods Co-op celebrates its 40th anniversary.
Credit union
2011: Whole Foods Co-op purchased the former credit union building next door, which creates more parking and space.
2012: Whole Foods Co-op expands its seating area.

The Whole Foods Co-op, which now resides on Sixth Avenue E. and Fourth Street, has had a long history beginning in 1970.  The University of Minnesota Duluth student newspaper, The Statesman, has published an article describing this rich history and how the Co-op originated. This story didn’t stay in its original location, nor did it stay in any location for a long time until now.  Here is a look at The Whole Foods Co-op traveling history throughout the hills of Duluth.
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  1. I never knew the Co-op moved around so much.  Interesting!

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