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About Us

Mission Statement

lakevoice tshirt draft3LakeVoice News is a bridge between the Twin Ports community and the University of Minnesota Duluth campus.

We welcome community contributions of various forms (photographs, video, story ideas, events, etc.).  Please submit these through our email address or simply post it in a comment box. We look forward to seeing your contributions. Our newsroom is run by students and the majority of our content is written by students, but the news is about our community.  Our ongoing mission is to cover all areas of Duluth, learn more about our city, and grow as a community.  We are young writers who seek to bring a fresh perspective to issues that affect the city as a whole.

Disclaimer: The views expressed on this website are those of the individual(s) behind each story and in no way reflect those of the University of Minnesota Duluth or its affiliates.

Code of Ethics

LakeVoice follows the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics.  These are the universal guidelines followed by LakeVoice and its staff:

  • Write for the community to keep everyone well informed
  • Respect fellow editors and writers, as well as community members
  • Adhere to professional writing style standards
  • Be enthusiastic and knowledgeable


  1. Steve Hansberry says:

    This is not a submission for publication.

    Can you tell me how I can get a copy of an article in the Lake Voice News? I am interested in “Soup dinner lifts community projects off the ground” (11/12/14).



  2. If you’re looking for a story idea, we’ve got one.

    This year, as we move into the holiday season, volunteers become the life-blood of our organization, meaning that we cannot help people in need without them. And Duluth does have great need. Last year, we helped 15,400 people in crisis through our programs. Volunteers make this possible.

    This year, we are so low on our volunteers, that our staff members have been filling their spots, which takes time away from ensuring that the needs of those we help are met.

    You can find more information on our website.

    For more information about volunteering opportunities in Duluth, call 218-722-7934 to speak with Jill (ext. 114) or June (ext. 101).

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