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  • First Episode

    Culture peek #1: Who were the real ninjas?

    Why ninjas?

    I hosted a dinner in the beginning of September for showing off my perfect spicy fish. What was interesting about that dinner is that five of us come …

  • October Horror Film Festival at the Zinema 2

    New this year, the October Horror Film Festival will be held every Thursday of October at the Zinema 2 on East Superior Street in Duluth.

    The team at Zinema 2 …

  • IMG_5004

    In photos: an afternoon in Duluth’s Hartley Park

    On a Sunday afternoon in early October, I spent what felt like 10 minutes — it was actually two hours — exploring Hartley Park on Duluth’s east side. I brought a …

  • Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 3.16.35 PM

    Discover Duluth within: 47th Avenue East and Gladstone Street

    This week’s journey to discover Duluth within takes you along 47th Avenue East and Gladstone Street, a comfortable and quaint neighborhood tucked back off of Superior Street. Neighbors describe …

  • susan

    Guest speaker talks Christianity and politics at Scholastica


    Susan Jacoby believes that an intricate relationship has existed between religion and politics in America since the very beginning, and that the tensions that were created by the Constitution …